Elijah McCloskey

2019 eBay Shine Awards Platinum Winner

Elijah McCloskey is a 2019 eBay Shine Awards Platinum winner, and 2018 eBay Shine Awards finalist.

When he was 16 and living on the streets of Madison, Wisconsin, Elijah discovered Freewheel -- a nonprofit dedicated to transportation justice. Elijah used Freewheel's resources to build himself a bicycle. With transportation, he found steady work, got an Business Degree, and returned to Freewheel, eventually becoming the nonprofit's executive director. By supplementing brick-and-mortar sales with a thriving eBay store, diversifying the shop's inventory, and using the power of expertise to drive customer loyalty and block out big-box competitors, Elijah has expanded the charity's monthly ebay revenue from $5,000 to $45,000 -- and counting -- in just in a year. With these funds, Freewheel has provided transportation to over 13,000 people locally and globally. Elijah himself is a lynchpin of his local community, organizing meetups with nonprofits and teaching them how to sell on eBay to raise money.


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