Flavio Medeiros

Self Publishing And Social Media Entrepreneur, Social Blue Bear

Flavio has been an entrepreneur since 2004 in various fields, and helps people begin their entrepreneurial journey.. Flavio is founder of Social Blue Bear, which conducts digital marketing, web design, and social media management.

He currently builds brands utilizing social media strategies, and sells online via Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and social media. His main side hustle right now is publishing and selling books on amazon without any writing at all. This is a semi passive model that is similar to other Print on Demand models. Flavio will discuss how to get started in this business model and utilize the power of Amazon and social media in order to publish and sell books.

He resides in the Hudson Valley in New York with his wife and 3 boys, spending time in sports (especially hockey), and enjoys family activities and traveling.

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