Jing Gao

President of Outsourced Import and Founder of Two Multi-Million Dollar eCommerce Businesses

Jing Gao has been an eCommerce entrepreneur since 2009 and is the President of Outsourced Import, which is a full-service agency helping sellers’ source, inspect, and ship their private label products to the United States. She is also the founder of two multimillion-dollar eCommerce businesses with experience in the toys, home, clothing, and shoes categories. More recently, Jing flew to China and spent two months visiting various factories looking for suppliers who could deliver both exceptional quality and aggressive pricing for her new private label products. She created her first brand that eclipsed over one million in sales within the first ten months using the products sourced from her trip. Currently, she has several hundred unique private label products and thousands of customers both on and off Amazon. In addition to building the processes that allows her to automate her business while on the road, Jing enjoys spending her time helping sellers of all sizes overcome some of the common pitfalls when launching their own brands through the eCommerce marketplaces.

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