Matt & Cyndi Zlotow

Social Media Optimization

Matt and Cyndi are a husband and wife team running several e-commerce businesses. Between the two of them they have over 20 years of experience in online selling.

Cyndi comes from an accounting background where she worked in HR for large and small businesses. Seeing the potential of e-commerce she left her job to pursue the dream of owning her own business. Over the years she has worked with companies large and small to help them grow their e-commerce businesses as well as grow their social media presence. She has also had the opportunity to speak at e-commerce and entrepreneur events across the country and has been interviewed on numerous podcasts. She has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal speaking about topics such as internet sales tax and the future of e-commerce.

When the business grew to a point that Cyndi could no longer manage it alone they made the decision for Matt to quit his job and join her. Matt had a successful career in the medical industry managing large groups of people in the development and sales of new products. This experience has allowed him to see and capitalize on new opportunities within the e-commerce market. Together they have grown their business from what started as a small dream to a multi-platform business that fully supports their family.

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